MUVI™ K-Series Handsfree Camera LCD Screen
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The MUVI™ K-Series removable LCD screen easily attaches to the K-Series cameras to enabling menu functions and playback of footage. Simply fit the removable LCD screen to any of the K-Series models and you can instantly view footage, change settings through the menu function or use as a view finder when filming. The removable LCD screen ships with the larger LCD waterproof case door so that the LCD screen can be used underwater as a view finder or for changing settings while the K series is safely enclosed. Key Features - Compatible with all MUVI™ K-Series handsfree cameras - Playback footage, change menu settings or use as viewfinder - Includes larger backdoor for waterproof case to enable screen to be used inside case - Quick release mechanism for easy removal Box Content - 1 MUVI™ K-Series LCD Removable screen - 1 MUVI™ K-Series LCD Backdoor for Waterproof case
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